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I have more than 15 years experience collaborating with team members, clients, and business partners to design market-ready products that support specific business objectives.​ ​

I am a constant learner who thrives on new challenges, whether it is designing for a new technology, collaborating with teams to re-imagine end-to-end experiences. building a user experience group and mentoring the staff, or helping to build an organizational design culture. I hold academic designations in Psychology, Sociology and Cognitive Ergonomics / Human Factors in Human-Computer Interaction and have industry expertise in designing physical products, mobile, web and enterprise level software. 

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Partial Client List:

"Lisa isn't just a great interaction designer with a broad skill set. She is unique in my experience in that she is able to merge a strong academic discipline and respect of the user in interaction design with the implications of real world application development and maintenance. When she designs a framework for users, it ends up not only assuring a great user experience, it's also been designed for ease of development, reduces effort in training, and with an eye to long-term maintenance and ownership of the application by the organization that has invested so heavily in the project. As a result, she earns the respect not only of her UCD peers, but also of the architects and engineers who bring her vision to life."

Michael Peachey
VP User Experience TIBCO

“In Lisa’s role as Director User Interface Design at NextSet Software she was responsible for leading a design team in designing, building and deploying a web based user interface for the PTX bank trading product. She and her team produced very high quality work, under a tight time line. In doing so she was able to collaborate well with the Product Management team and with the firm’s clients. I am pleased to recommend her work.” 

Simon Yencken
CEO NextSet

“In the four years that I’ve worked with Lisa at TIBCO Software, I have collaborated with her on dozens of design projects spanning enterprise software, web apps, iPhone, iPad, and social networking, as well as on strategic initiatives for developing global standards across our company’s products. Lisa is always enthusiastic, professional, and ready for new UX challenges. Lisa has been a tireless advocate for company-wide interaction consistency, developing interaction pattern libraries and expansive screen designs that accommodate a broad range of highly technical applications. She has a gift for synthesizing coherent and simplified patterns from complex and sometimes forbidding requirements, often with a casual air that promotes the design process. A particular strength of hers is to see where global patterns can solve apparently disparate behaviors. At TIBCO Software, she has designed a library of interaction patterns that have been developed into prototypes from which multiple applications are built. The strength of this component library is that it speeds development of new applications, ensures reuse of consistent interaction patterns, and comes with the visual styles already included. This promotes company-wide UI consistency across our products.” 

Michael Lollar
Visual Design Lead TIBCO's User Experience Group 

“Lisa is definitely a get-it-done person. During our common projects, she made certain to analyze the client's usability concerns from different perspectives (user needs, business objectives, product's competitive space). She was also focused on matching our timelines with the client's needs. Lisa was very competent and articulate, and I definitely appreciated having her on my project teams.”

Wendy Yee
Project Director Human Factors International

“Lisa represented BlinkUX as Design Director for an engagement I lead at 23TouchPoints. I must say it was absolute pleasure working with Lisa. There was a critical and immediate need to bring in world class IA/UX credibility to our project. BlinkUX and Lisa’s leadership was just what we needed. Lisa’s genuine excitement for the project, her engaging storytelling communication style and ability to effectively connect with disparately different audience types directly contributed to the success of this project. I whole heartedly recommend Lisa and would be happy to work with her again.”

Tony Corneto
Director of UX Virtuoso
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